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Welcome to Tyme Matters Tutoring Solutions, Airdrie, Alberta


For the past 12 years, I have tutored many students in Grades 1 through 12 in Basic Math, Reading Comprehension, Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Science, E.S.L., Study Skills, and Examination Preparation.   Home-schooled students and adult learners also receive support through Tyme Matters Tutoring Solutions.  I am a qualified teacher with over 30 years of teaching experience.


Tyme Matters Tutoring Solutions provides in-home, one-on-one, individualized and customized tutoring sessions in Airdrie, Alberta.


Seminars are also offered in Resume Writing, Interview Skills, How to Start Your Own Business, and Entrepreneurship and Study Skills.  If you are an adult learner, wanting to make a career change, or have been out of the work force for a number of years, and/or need to upgrade your skills and/or education, Tyme Matters Tutoring Solutions offers refresher courses in many subjects and/or skill areas.


Our Goal and Mission is to Inspire, to Engage, and to Empower Students, One Lesson at a Time!


How can Tyme Matters Tutoring Solutions help my child?


Tyme Matters Tutoring Solutions embraces the holistic approach to learning.


We know that when we feel confident in ourselves, we learn to work through, and master our challenges.   We grow in confidence and ability.  We begin to shine again!!  We have a renewed confidence in our unique abilities and become engaged and empowered in our own learning. At Tyme Matters Tutoring students we support and encourage our students continue to rise above their own fears and challenges.  They become engaged in their own learning!  They believe in themselves again!


Customizing a student’s learning, to the style that works best for them, is what we do best!


It is amazing to see their self-esteem and confidence in their own abilities and skills, become stronger.  They are more willing to take “risks” and become proactive in their own learning.  They know that their tutor is well-qualified, that she cares about them, and wants them to be the best they can be.  They begin to realize that when they ask questions, or need help at solving a problem, their tutor will guide them through the process. They begin to realize that no question is a “dumb” question, and that there are many ways to solve a problem.  They learn, very early on in their tutoring sessions, that they are being heard and valued, and that they each have special and unique gifts!  Sometimes, they even get the opportunity to teach the tutor! Does that ever make them feel valued and smart, smart, smart!!!:) They experience learning as an enjoyable and engaging process, and one that makes them feel good about themselves.  They become empowered, engaged and responsible learners.  They begin to see their grades at school go up, and want to be the best they can be, not only for their teachers and parents, but for themselves!  Wow!!!  I love being a part of this process!!  I love being a teacher!


Teaching strategies are based on the individual learning style of the student.  The tutor works in cooperation with the parent(s) and their schoolteachers, in developing a workable, and customized plan of success for them.


Tyme Matters Tutoring Solutions believes that it takes a community to raise and educate a child. We are honored to be a part of each student's learning!   We strive to provide a safe, caring, and supportive environment for our students to grow and learn in.


Tyme Matters Tutoring Solutions Does make a positive difference!


Welcome to the 2022 School Year
It is a crazy time of year for students and parents as a new routine begins.
Please feel free to chat online with me if you have concerns regarding your child's learning, or you believe extra one-on-one support is needed to assist your child with success in learning, or you can complete the Contact Information Sheet which is available on my website, and I will respond within 48 hours.  
Thank you, and have a great school year!!  
Hopefully this will be a "normal" school year for our children. Are you finding that your child is behind grade-level in their studies due to the pandemic and the changes to schooling?  I can help bring them up to grade level.  
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